Services offered:

Wisdom tooth removal
Implant placement
Removal of single or multiple teeth
Bone grafting and ridge preparation for dentures
Pathology evaluation, removal and biopsy
Exposure of impacted teeth prior to orthodontics

Oral Surgery


Offering a wide range of surgical services and general anesthesia right in our Ashtabula office. 

Oral surgery involves the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions. Often, wisdom teeth begin erupting around 16-18 years old and may need to be removed if they are not growing into an ideal position. Other teeth may need to be removed if they are diseased or otherwise cannot be repaired.

Teeth can also be replaced using dental implants, which are often placed by an oral surgeon. After a suitable healing time, a general dentist can then make a crown to attach to the implant, replacing your missing tooth. 

Our oral surgeons are also board-certified providers of general anesthesia, which allow them to accomplish many of these procedures while you are asleep. This is all accomplished in our Ashtabula office. 

We accept outside referrals throughout all of northeast Ohio. Please give us a call at 440.992-3146 if there is anything our surgical team can do for you.