Dr. Ted forsberg DDs

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that realigns the teeth to a more pleasing and functional position in the mouth. This is accomplished using a variety of appliances that apply gentle forces to the teeth. Over time, they respond to these forces and move into a more ideal position.  

Although commonly targeted towards adolescents, orth0dontics can be accomplished on patients of all ages. We typically begin screening for early intervention as soon as the permanent teeth begin erupting, around 6 - 8 years old. There are some appliances that can help induce optimal growth of the facial bones and tissue, giving us a head start at a young age.

We often target 10 - 14 years old for developing children to get braces, as major changes can be timed along with the eruption of the teeth and the child's growth spurt. Further along in life, adult orthodontics can still be used to align the teeth, or reposition them in order to accommodate a dental implant, bridge, or other restorative procedure. 

Please call for a free consultation with our orthodontist, Dr. Ted Forsberg. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your goals. 

Services offered:

Adolescent and adult orthodontics (braces)
Permanent and removable retainers
Expanders and space maintainers