The job description of a general dentist is long and varied. Everything from fillings to crowns, dentures, root canals, surgery, gum therapy, you name it- just about everything to do with teeth follows under the broad umbrella of "dentist". 

However, any individual procedure may have a level of complexity that falls outside of the realm of even an excellent "jack of all trades" general dentist. For these procedures, specialty care may be necessary to ensure that the patient has best experience and the best outcome possible.

Ashtabula Dental Associates has developed a close personal relationship with several specialist teams. These doctors treat patients directly in our Ashtabula office in order to make sure that patients in northeast Ohio get access to the highest level of care possible.

You can learn more about the specialty categories represented at Ashtabula Dental under the SERVICES tab at the top of this screen. For more detailed information about each team, please follow the following links.