A Complete Dental Team.


     There are a variety of components to total dental health. For some, a regular six month checkup and a professional cleaning is enough for perfect teeth. Others may need a little help from time to time to keep things in top shape. This may come in the form of a dental specialist, a variety of which are available at Ashtabula Dental Associates. 

General Dentistry

     Our team of general dentists offer a wide range of services. On the most basic level, teeth can often be restored from trauma or decay using simple filling materials. As the complexity of a restoration grows, often we will use a complete crown to rebuld and protect a tooth, or a veneer to reshape and recolor the front surface. 

     In order to replace missing teeth, dental implants or bridges can be used, or a removable appliance such as a partial or complete denture. There are a variety of options, and it all begins with a comprehensive exam from the general dentist. 




Dr. Ted forsberg DDS

Braces can be used to take healthy teeth and move them to an ideal position in the dental arch. While we often think of early adolescence (10-12 years) as the ideal time for orthodontics. we treat patients of all ages. If it's something you have been thinking about and want to know more, please give us a call- there is no charge for a consultation with Dr. Forsberg.


Oral Surgery


The role of oral surgery is critical to the practice of dentistry in a variety of situations. From wisdom tooth removal, to implant placement, or getting ready to receive dentures, our thorough team of specialists will walk you through your options and are with you every step of the way. Many procedures are done under general anesthesia, right here in our Ashtabula office. 




Dr. MARK Gorman dds, ms
dr. MANUEL colaco dds

Teeth can often be preserved by removing the diseased or damaged nerve tissue inside, a procedure commonly known as a "root canal." The complexity of many endodontic procedures is greatly relieved by having a specialist get involved, so we have partnered with two fantastic doctors in order to make your experience as efficient and comfortable as possible. 




Teeth themselves are only as strong as the bone and gum tissue that support them, and it is critical to keep these tissues healthy. Dr. Miguel Defina DDS, a periodontist, focuses entirely on maintaining and regenerating these critical tissues, preserving their function. He is also able to cosmetically enhance the gum tissue, and place dental implants to help rebuild the dental arch.